Tao People

Svend Peterson (Advisor)

Svend is a advisor to the Tao, he has worked as a representative of the foundation for shamanic studies Europe teaching core shamanism for 7 years. But it was his meeting with traditional shamanism in Siberia, that made him rethink the nature of shamanism. So he connected to the Bear Spirit society in Tuva, entering a path leading to developing a more contemporary Scandinavian shamanism.

It is Svends wish to share his experience and to help develop a way to live a life on this planet with dignity, expressing our true potentiality becoming what we really are...divine beings awakening a message from Svend 

Ron Hart (Founder)

Ron like´s to refer to himself as a modern day warrior, during his time he has reinvented himself many times and believe's that anyone can start again in life at any moment in time and to immediately create a more interesting, empowered, happier and balanced existence. With the help of his various influences and by having the courage to walk his own path he has managed to consciously design develop and bring in to reality an existence with a difference, Ron is the founder of Warrior Tribe and runs the Warriors Wisdom which is held at the Tao. 

Mike McCann (Founder)

One day about 10 years ago Mike got out of bed on a dull North of England day and over a coffee decided there must me more to life, he left his secure job in St Helens and moved to Jaen, Spain - this was the start of a adventure that ended with Mike connecting with the Tao, he lives on the mountain and is our full time caretaker and general go to man. Mike for 6 years worked the olive fields (which is good news as we have 150 organic olive trees) he is passionate about living his own slightly off grid reality distanced from a world which he feels is going slightly mad, which is why the Tao and Mike are a perfect fit.

Blayne Mathews (Founder)

Blayne is based in London and runs his own construction consultancy business, he has been a massive influence on the creation of the Tao, he is very well travelled and some of his influences are India and Burning Man, he is passionate about helping people to take control of there situations work hard and create a more creative empowered and balanced existance.