Hi and welcome to the Tao Nature Center mountain project.


My name is Svend Petersen, I am a shaman...more about shamanism later!


I would like to share some thoughts and considerations with you, about our coming future and why we launch this project now. We live in troubled times, but also in the time of a beginning great awakening. Although we become more and more behavior controlled through laws and rules and surveillance to a degree never seen before, we also awake to our birthright: the basic human right to choose to live in a way, where we freely can express our own humanity, as free humans in our own responsibility. We have the right to say no to the exploitation of the Earth, to reject following orders from warmongers, and to live in ways, where we connect to the living being the planet ..our mother, creating a common future for our children and the following generations, a better version of who we really are. We still have a chance to do this, and we already do,...and yes...alone is good, but together is much more efficient. We can manifest a fuller version of reality, when we connect the sum of our abilities, experiences and profiting from being different persons, having developed the skills we have ...and sharing them. 


We need to establish places, where we can (for a while) retreat into the spirit of nature, connect to the earth our mother, disconnect from the stress of life, and reconnect to a greater version of reality.  Maybe just for a week, or maybe for a month or two working with plants and gardening, artwork, painting, meditation, & ceremonies, and developing practical skills. And we need a place, where we can retreat for our personal healing, and mend our wounds. A place for transformation.

In my own experience I have seen the power of transformation, that shamanism can bring. Shamanism is build in the image of the circle of life. All in life is connected within this circle. The sickness of modern life derives from the breaking of the circle and replacing it with the misused symbol of the pyramid. A pyramid separates and divides us into the few at the top and the many at the bottom, assuring a continuing conflict of inequality. The circle unites all through the fact, that we all  have a place in the circle of life, where we are equal...and still are different ….because the totality profits from all being different. Shamanism is about healing, it always was. But its healing on the grand scale. Healing of the body, the emotions, as well as the healing of our understanding of the nature of reality. The power of shamanism is found in nature, in the connection with the spirits of the plants, the landscape, to the earth...and then to the stars and our real history with the universe. 


We need to relearn, and to see the same-same from a new prospective….where what before was trivial, now becomes exciting, fresh and new. But most of all we need to wake up and remember, because we knew the truth of reality, but forgot it, as we went into this life, and shamanism is a great tool, to achieve this with….a return to the Circle of Life.


It is my belief, that we can make such a place, a place of retreat and reconnection and of inspiration.