The Tao Facilities

Cottage Area

Near the entrance of the site is a cute white cottage, it has full kitchen facilities two bathrooms (indoor and outdoor covered) and a wonderful court yard area with a pergola for shade and protection where we eat and hang out, just behind this encased in a its own seperate area is the swimming pool filled with chrystal clear water from the mountain stream which runs 200m below our site.


This is one of our founders private yurts, absolutely stunning with double opening windows on each side and located in one of the best spots on the mountain, it has a front wooden terrace and also a secluded shaded back area, breathtaking views and nicely fitted out this is perfect for a couple or workshop leader.


A 5.5 metre tepee, comfortably fitted out with memory foam matresses and the best pillows, located in an area of the site that is emersed in nature and just 5 minutes to the cliff edge where you can sit in the sun and soak up the wonderful views.

Other General Items

The very best eco toilets, 2 workshop areas which include a yurt set in nature and also a stunning open stone moloka (with event tent style cover) perfect for meetings, yoga, art, martial arts or just hanging out, vistas in all directions and lots of warm Spanish air flowing through the structure and dont forget the rest of the site which has 20 acres to get lost in, we also have specially designed individual meditation and reflection areas for you to find and spend time in.