About the Location

In 2017 some friends bought a mountain - well, a mountain top to be precise, and just over 20 acres to be exact - in one of the most beautiful spots in the foothills of the Spanish sierra nevadas. The summit is reached via a 2km 4X4 drive (or a 1000 feet donkey climb) up a rustic dirt track across fields with spectacular views over the valley and the whitewashed houses of the village below us.


The whole mountain, including our area, is a site of outstanding natural beauty and a place of special historical interest. It is know locally as La Colonia ('The Colony') and was first settled in 1911 by outsiders, evolutionaries and pioneers - the original ‘hippy commune’, occupied by a group of families who decided to turn their backs on the ‘modern world’ and live off the land peacefully and sustainably. When the Spanish civil war came, they remained there, refusing to take part in the stupidity of war. They lived quietly, holistically, and the world, in turn, left them alone. It was only in the 1970s that they decided to leave their mountain home and return to ‘civilisation’. No-one knows why, but one day they just left. 


The land has remained undisturbed since then, with few footfalls upon it, and has evolved into an area of wild natural beauty, with flowers, herbs, many different fruit trees, as well as caves, a spring water well (which comes straight from the mountain beneath us where, via various subterranean twists and turns, it also goes on to become the river San Juan, the second largest in Spain), and animals including deer, boar, rabbits and eagles that have never seen a human being in their lives.