The Tao Retreats 2021

Use the Tao for your own retreat

We have fantastic options for you to use the entire center to facilitate and run your own retreat, this includes with or without food supplied. We have a simple donation system which includes onsite Tao support people to assist and help you with your stay.

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Nature and healing weekends


Arrive on a Friday and leave on a Monday (or create your own dates) embrace the calming and healing effect of this wonderful location.

Bring your own group or come on your own 

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Warrior Tribe  (The Warriors Wisdom)

The Warriors Wisdom, transform your life in nature and start creating the life you fully deserve, limited to just 8 people each retreat and run only 3 times a year.


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Tribal Shamanic Revival 

Shamanism and Community with Svend Peterson

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Herbal Shamanism

Plant allies and plants for medicine and healing with Janne 

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