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Come and join us on a very special journey or perhaps just come and rest

The Tao is located on a beautiful mountain in Jaen, Andalucia Spain, we have the vision of making this very special location a place of learning, artistic endeavor, healing and sometimes just a great place to come and rest those weary bones in an exceptional environment surrounded by interesting people.


The mountain where we are located has great energy and just by spending time their things quite often start to change, feelings of increased health and well-being clarity of mind and quite often inspirational thoughts and visions relating to life work or business that people can then take back home and start to create more empowered happy and interesting lives.


The Tao is not for profit and is available for short stays and also to individuals and groups who wish to use the mountain to run there own retreats, we have a suggested donation system and these donations are used to help support maintain and enhance the 20-acre site.


Available to individuals or groups who wish to run there own retreats

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